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how to get a shiny zorua

How Do You Find Zorua

Pokemon Black and White:How to get ZORUA.

07.03.2011 · Best Answer: You need the GameStop Event where you download Celibi LV50. You'll need 2 DS Systems for this to work. Lets say you downloaded it to your
How do I get Zorua in Pokemon Black?.
For Pokemon Black Version on the DS, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "How to get Zorua?".
This video was for HG/SS, D/P/Pto see how to get them on Black/White please click the BIG ORANGE SQUARE! Sorry, this offer lasted only Feb 21st - March
Steps: 1.sub to me:) 2.have a zoroark 3. have a ditto 4. put them in the daycare 5.wait tell they tell u that u got a egg 6. run around the region waiting
11.03.2011 · Best Answer: you needed to have gotten celebi from the gamestop event otherwise youll just have to get off of GTS unless you went to the event and
How to get FREE Legendary CELEBI, ZORUA,.

Does anyone know how to get Zorua and Zoroark? I unlocked the relocator and brought over Celebi and Raikou, Entei
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How to Remove Skin Moles Permanently? Get. Pokemon How to Get Zorua

How to get Zorua and Zoroark - Pokémon.

How to Remove Skin Moles Permanently? Get.
  • How to get Zorua? - Pokemon Black Version.

  • how to get a shiny zorua

    How To Get A -

    How do you get zorua in pokemon white.
    How to Get Zoroark

    how to get a shiny zorua